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admin On April - 11 - 2013

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Baseball Heroes Hack allows you to add to your account any amount of experience points, energy, coins and FB credits! In addition, Baseball Heroes has the option of hacking FB account, just that you know the e-mail, integrated FB hacker steals the password for you! It’s all completely free! Try it yourself!




1. Visit and download one of the available Baseball Heroes Hack Tool.
2. Download Baseball Heroes Hack Tool.
3. Extract the files.
4. Run Baseball Heroes Hack Tool.
5. Enter your e-mail address on Facebook.
6. Enter the amount of XP Points, Energy, Coins and FB Credits which you want to add to your account.
7. Click the “Hack!” and wait a few second. Baseball Heroes Hack Tool inform you of hacking progress.
8. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Log in to your account in the game.
9. XP Points, Energy, Coins and FB Credits are added to your account!

Password hacker: Enter e-mail address of any person. Then click the “Steal a password!” and wait for stealing password. A password will be generated in the box below!

10. Baseball Heroes Hack Tool will be updated every two weeks, have fun! :)




Have Fun!

*Extract .exe file with Winrar*

*Microsoft 3.5 Framework Required*

Watch Video Proof of Hack Below!



          Baseball Heroes Hack v.1.0.0                                         Baseball Heroes Hack v.1.5.0


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