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admin On March - 25 - 2013

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CAM4 Tokens Adder allows you add to your account any amount of tokens, completely free! CAM4 Hack can change the status of your account with Basic on the Gold! With this application you can add any amount of CAM4 Contest Points and remove ads from your account. CAM4 hack also allows you to add to your account, any gifts available on the website! Additionally, the built Passwords Hack allows you steal password for any account on CAM4! Have fun!




1. Visit and download one of the available Cam4 Tokens Adder.
2. Run Cam4 Tokens Adder created by Script Kiddies.
3. Choose your web browser.
4. Enter your username on CAM4 and select the amount of tokens which you want added to your account. Click the button “Add Tokens!”. Wait until Cam4 Adder inform you about their effects.
5. If you want to upgrade your account, select option “Upgrade to Cam4 Gold Account” and then click button “Upgrade Acc!”.
6. If you want to add to your account Cam4 Contest Points, choose a third option, then the amount of points, and then click button “Add Points!”.
7. The “Remove Ads on Cam4″ remove ads from your account!
8. “Gift Cam4 Adder” added to your account any of the gifts available on the website, simply that you choose gift that interests you and click the button “Add Gift!”.
9. CAM4 Passwords Hack steals passwords for Cam4 accounts. You only need to enter the victim’s username and click button “Hack Acc!”. The password will appear in the box below progress bar!

Adding CAM4 Tokens, upgrade your account from basic to gold, adding CAM4 Contest Points and Gifts, removing ads sometimes takes a few minutes. Wait patiently!




Have Fun!

*Extract .exe file with Winrar*

*Microsoft 3.5 Framework Required*

Watch Video Proof of Hack Below!



             Cam4 Tokens Adder v.1.0                                                 Cam4 Tokens Adder v.2.0


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