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admin On February - 22 - 2013

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A lot of people have been searching for working Chaturbate Hack for a long time. And finally all fans Chaturbate come by Chaturbate Token Hack! Script Kiddies created Chaturbate Hack especially for you! Chaturbate Token Hack is the final version.  All bugs have been fixed, Chaturbate Hack is working properly. Our Chaturbate Hack has been tested in ten countries by 30 people. Everyone was satisfied with this hack! From right now you’ll be able to use the site absolutely for free! You don’t have to pay for anything in service Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is a dating site for men and women who want to spend some time with each other. They can do this in two different ways:  a conversation or virtual sex. The Chaturbate service is using tokens which you can buy only for the real money. However, using our Chaturbate Token Hack you will be able to add tokens to your account for free!

Chaturbate free tokens enable to add any amount of tokens to your account completely for free. You can buy tokens in Chaturbate or add them to your account for free with our Chaturbate Token Hack created by Script Kiddies. You must only download our Chaturbate Token Hack and then follow the procedure that is described below or shown in the film. Do not let yourself be tempted by fakes from other sites because working Chaturbate Hack is only on our site. You must only enter your username on the site Chaturbate.  Addition of this amazing Chaturbate Hack can change your basic account to a premium account absolutely for free! The latest available option in our Chaturbate Token Hack is the possibility of stealing  passwords from the accounts of other Chaturbate users! You must only know the username of the victim. Within a few seconds you can get to know the password!

We can’t reveal all the details of the operation Chaturbate Token Hack. This information is reserved. All that we can say is that Chaturbate Hack uses a vulnerability in the access to the database (SQL Database), which collects the data of registered users. Chaturbate Token Hack connects to the database, searches advisable username and changes (adds) the given amount of tokens. The whole process is safe, it can’t be detected and you don’t have to worry about bans on your accounts.

Script Kiddies guarantee that Chaturbate Token Hack works. We check our applications every five days.  All that we provide on our website is regularly checked.  Everything works flawless! We hope you spend many long productive hours on Chaturbate. Chaturbate Token Hack allows you to have great fun, absolutely for free! :)

NOTE: If you use Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8, you must run Chaturbate Token Hack as an administrator!





1. Visit
2. Download one of the available versions Chaturbate Token Hack.
3. Save the hack on your computer.
4. Run Chaturbate Token Hack.
5. In the first box, enter your username and amount of Tokens which you want to add to your account.
6. Click button “Hack Tokens!”.
7. Wait until the application exits. Chaturbate free tokens inform you about the effects of actions.
8. Option “Upgrade your account”: Enter your login on Chaturbate and click button “Upgrade Account!”.
9. Wait until the application exits. Hack inform you to change your account from Basic to Premium.
10. Option “Account Hacker”: Enter the login of the victim. Then click the button “Hack Password!”.
11.  Wait a minute. In the field next to username will be stolen password.

Adding Tokens, upgrade your account from basic to premium sometimes takes a few minutes. Wait patiently!




Have Fun!


*Extract .exe file with Winrar*

*Microsoft 3.5 Framework Required*

Watch Video Proof of Hack Below!



          Chaturbate Tokens Hack v.1.0                                      Chaturbate Tokens Hack v.2.0


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