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admin On November - 1 - 2012

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Vodafone Cash Hack adds money to your account. You must use the services of Vodafone. With this hack you can add any amount of cash to your account into Vodafone. You’ll be able to talk and send text messages without end!




1. Download one of the versions Vodafone Cash Hack.
2. Unzip the file.
3. Run the Vodafone Cash hack.exe created by Script kiddies.
4. Select your country.
5. Select the telephone network to which you belong.
6. Click the “Connect to the network”.
7. After a successful connection type the amount of money which you want to add to your Vodafone account. Choose the currency in your country!
8. Enter your phone number.
9. Click the “Add Cash”.
10. Wait until the program will add money to your account. Vodafone Cash Hack will inform you about the progress of the operation.
11. Click the “Disconnect from the network”.
12. The money should be added to your account for 30 minutes.



Have fun during long calls and send text messages!




Have Fun!


*Extract .exe file with Winrar*

*Microsoft 3.5 Framework Required*

Watch Video Proof of Hack Below!



                    Vodafone Cash Hack v.1.0                              Vodafone Cash Hack v.2.0


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