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admin On September - 13 - 2012

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Goal United Hack added to your account for free any amount of money (Euro) and the Goal United Stars. This simple hack will allow you to fulfill dreams. You’ll be at the top of gamers around the world! Do not wait any longer, download the Goal United Hack and try it!




1. Download Goal United Hack.
2. Run the hack.
3. In the first textbox enter your nickname in the game Goal United.
4. In the second box enter the amount of money. In the third box, type the number of Goal United stars which want to add to your account.
5. Press the button “Gerard!”.
6. Hack connects to the game. Wait a moment. Hack will inform you of the results of their actions.
7. Log in to your account Goal United and start to play with money and stars which have been added to your account!



Have Fun!


*Extract .exe file with Winrar*
*Microsoft 3.5 Framework Required*


Watch Video Proof of Hack Below!




                 GoalUnited Hack v.1.0                                                  GoalUnited Hack v.1.3


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